Metal Manufacture

Custom manufacture of metal structures: quality, experience and competitiveness from the company

We offer our customers the services for the manufacture of small, medium and large-sized metal structures. We carry out both prefabrication (i.e. assembly and welding works), and complete product manufacturing.

During the period of the company’s existence, we have acquired valuable knowledge and experience, which has allowed us to keep a high level of quality and competitiveness in accordance with international requirements.

Having qualified personnel with more than ten-year experience in the field of metal structures manufacturing, we are ready to help our customers to solve any problem.

Our products

We accept orders for manufacturing of:

Metal Structures

  • Hangars
  • Farms
  • Platforms
  • Stairs
  • Railings
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Pillars, beams and other

Mechanical Engineering

  • Foundations
  • Conveyors
  • Silo constructions
  • Tanks
  • Metalworking elements
  • Woodworking elements
  • Other


  • Industrial equipment
  • Design solutions
  • Furniture elements
  • Interior elements
  • Other

Also, in addition to accepting orders for contracting, we manufacture our own products.

You can find our product range in the catalogue

Quality manufacture

Manufacturing products in accordance with international standards

Fabrication of structures and welding works are carried out in accordance with EN 1090–2, EN ISO 3834–2.

The production area of the enterprise is divided into:

  • Material and component placement
  • Placement of finished products
  • Locksmithing (material sawing, drilling, processing of holes, edges)
  • Plasma cutting
  • Bending machine operations
  • Work with coordinate-punching press (Punch)
  • Work with thin metal (guillotine, rollers for sheet metal rolling)
  • Works on assembly and tooling of structures
  • Welding works
  • Works on cleaning and grinding of structures
  • Assembly of attachments
  • Final assembly of finished products
  • Product packaging
  • Visual inspection of welds, line and plane deviations
  • Inspection of bolted joints
  • Control of paint-and-lacquer coating
  • Final inspection before dispatch of products
Manufacturing processes

The manufacturing process consists of three stages

1. Getting acquainted with the order information

  • Technical documentation, level and requirements
  • Terms and conditions of production
  • Price quotation, drawing up a contract

2. Manufacturing of products

  • Purchase of material and components
  • Input control of material and components for manufacturing
  • Prefabrication work
  • Assembly, welding (EN ISO 5817 C, EN ISO 13920 BF, by default)
  • Inspection of welds, line and plane deviations (VT2 ISO 9712)
  • Product surface treatment (painting, zinc plating, galvanising, and other)
  • Inspection of the surface treatment of a product
  • Final assembly of components and equipment

3. Dispatch of finished products

  • Control of finished products
  • Drawing up and sending documents to a customer
  • Packaging of products, dispatching

Ultrasonic Test and Radiographic Test are performed at the customer’s request. We provide a full report of the work done and inform a customer about the results of the works in a timely manner.

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