What do we do?

Workwear and personal protective equipment

Along with the provision of qualified workers and the manufacture of both our own and custom metal structures, we are ready to offer you services for the sale, rental and maintenance of workwear and the sale of personal protective equipment.

Workwear and personal protective equipment are an integral part of the production process at various enterprises and services.

We produce workwear using only quality material that meets up-to-date and EU requirements.

We offer our workwear not only to our customers and partners, but also we use it at our own production sites and provide it to our rental workers.

This allows us to justify in practice the high quality of manufactured products and leave a positive opinion about the corporate ethics of our company.

What do we offer?

We offer our customers quality performance of services on:

  • Manufacturing and sale of workwear based on the requirements and functionality of the customer’s enterprise.
  • Timely maintenance of workwear (washing, dry cleaning, repair, replacement).
  • Logistics (replacement and delivery of clothes and materials to the customer’s enterprise)
  • Warehousing and inventory of work clothes
  • Sale of additional accessories for personal protection

Our catalogue is your reliable assistant when choosing and ordering the right products.

Please download our catalogue to find out more detailed information about our products

The benefits of workwear rental

Why choose to rent workwear?

Workwear rental is a service that has great efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses due to several factors:

For large companies

Large companies can rent a large number of sets of workwear at once, which is comparable to wholesale purchases. Then they can brand them and maintain the high quality of the stated standards.

For medium and small companies

Small businesses can rent a small amount of clothing. This will reduce the cost of maintenance, cleaning and disposal of workwear and thus increase the profitability of the company.

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How about working together?

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